Sunday, September 19, 2010

Math Game - Grab and Count

This past Friday, we learned a new math game called Grab and Count. The students were given a variety of objects to grab a handful of, then count how many they had in their hand. Before we played the game we discussed what a "good grab" would look like. Our class decided that a "good grab" would be with one hand and the objects would fit into their hand without falling out. After grabbing, the students then counted the objects. The students found it interesting to see that grabbing a handful of bears was different than a handful of pattern blocks. They discovered that the smaller the object the higher the number of items that would fit in their hand. We would like for you to play this game with your child at home. Find different objects that are different sizes and discover together the number they could grab. You could grab legos, blocks, pennies, beans, etc. Have your child begin to use a plan when counting the objects. They need to organize them to help them count the quantities.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Partner Reading

This week the boys and girls learned about Partner Reading. It is a very important routine that the students will engage in throughout the school year. During Literacy stations partners choose books to share with each other. They learned that good partners sit shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee with a book between them. The partners share the reading and discuss the book in a natural way. This ritual is important for young readers because it helps them build stamina and comprehension. It is also alot of fun to read with a friend. Look at these partners in action.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fuel Up to Play

We would like to thank our wonderful PE teachers that organized "Fuel Up to Play" which is part of a grant through NFL Play 60. Our school following their lunch times ran/walked twice around the big track. Our school together ran more than 700 miles. Our PE teachers are hoping to win $10,000 to support our athletic department at Chets.

It was a hot day and Mrs. Ellis wore the wrong shoes but fun was had by all. We came in and cooled off with ice pops! It was a great way to end a great week at school.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Math Workshop

Last Friday, the students had the opportunity to explore geoboards. They seemed to really enjoy them. They practiced making shapes like squares, triangles, rhumbus', and rectangles. They also had fun making designs

Today during Math Workshop the students explored buttons. They noticed that some of the buttons were smooth or rough. The buttons were different colors and shapes. After exploring the buttons for a while, the students played the game "Button Match". They picked out one button and found another button that would match. It only had to match one attribute. For example some students matched buttons that had two holes or four holes. It was exciting to see how many different groups of buttons they found.