Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One More, One Fewer

Today we played a new game in Math Workshop. The game was called One More, One Fewer. The students played the game with a partner. There were multiple steps in the game. First the students flipped one card over.
After looking at the number they placed the same number of pennies on a ten's frame.
The students then recorded the number on the game sheet.
Next they rolled a dice. The dice either had a plus one sign or minus one sign. After reading their dice they had to determine whether to add one more penny to the ten's frame or take one away. Finally they recorded their new total on the game sheet. The students loved playing the game. Some of the interesting conversations revolved around what happened when they flipped over a 0. They even thought it was interesting when they flipped a 10 because the ten's frame only has 10 squares. We will play this game again tomorrow now that they know how to play. We can concentrate on the strategies they use to count the pennies, recognize the numbers and add one and take away one.


dayle timmons said...

This is a great description of the game. Make sure your blog post ends up on the kindergarten wiki!

Gina Moore said...

Thanks for posting this activity! I was looking for something to help my daughter better understand one more/one fewer and this will be lots of fun to play while cementing the skill.