Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello from Canada

We are happy to welcome another student from Regina University in Canada. She has sent us a video to get to know her better.

Hey Tammee - We were wondering if your kids are out of school for the year? Will you and your family be going on any vacations this summer?

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Anonymous said...

Hello there class. My kids are not out for school until June 24, they are really ready for summer and can't wait to start their holidays. We are going to Manitoba for holidays this summer and also just doing some camping around Saskatchewan. There are some really pretty lakes around here. I am so happy to hear from you and I know you are done tomorrow but maybe we can still keep in touch some how. All of kids say hello. Hope you have a great day. You should tell me a little bit about where you live, I would love to hear it. Bye for now. Oh by the way I just thought I would mention that my name is actually spelled Tammy You Tube made spell it Tammeee, pretty funny.