Monday, October 19, 2009

Disco Pumpkin

Today, we finished making our class pumpkin for the Literary Pumpkin Festival. The festival is a celebration of fall and literary characters that we have here at Chets Creek every October. This year we decided to continue our disco theme. Each student had the opportunity to glue mirror tiles onto our pumpkin. They also made a dancing body to attach to their picture. The pictures we used are from the beginning of the year when the students had their disco wig on. When you look at the display it looks like the students are dancing under the lights of the disco ball. If you have time, please make plans to come into our front foyer at school. You will be amazed at the creativity of each class.


Jackie Williams said...

Our dico ball is awesome!! Loving our "funky town" kids too! The kids did an amazing job!

Sharon Snow said...

What a great lookin' pumpkin! Way to go CE Kids!

dayle timmons said...

This is absolutely adorable! What a creative pumpkin!