Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Two

Our second day of school was very productive! We were very busy learning the rituals and routines that we will follow all year long. We started our day with Skills Block where we talked about the letter "Bb" and the sound that it makes. We even put "Bb" words on our word wall. In Readers Workshop we decided that good readers read ALOT and this year we are going to read ALOT! In Writers Workshop we decided that good writers write ALOT and this year we are going to write ALOT! Today we wrote about how we get to school each day. We had Math Worksop in the afternoon. We looked at our calendar and then we learned about some of the tools that we will use as mathematicians this year. We used connecting cubes to build a really tall tower. We counted 35 cubes and that's how many friends are in our class. We also had a great time at lunch together and we played on the playgroud. It was such a good day and we can't wait until tomorrow:)

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Angela Phillips said...

Writers Workshop is the topic of conversation each day on the car ride home this week. Josh is hooked! It's his favorite time of day. Whoo-hoo!