Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Game of Compare

Today during Math Workshop, the students learned to play a new game called Compare. It is played just like the card game "War". Our decks of cards only have the numbers 0-10. We encourage you to play this game at home often. Deal the cards so that each member playing has the same number of cards. Hold the cards in a stack with the numbers facing down so you can't see the numbers. Each player will flip over one card. Each player states their number out loud. The child will decide which number is more. The player with the highest number takes the cards and puts them in a seperate pile. This game allows the students to compare numbers and determine which is more or less. If the game is overly easy have your child add 2 cards together before they determine which is more.

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Angela Phillips said...

These pictures are just beautiful. This does look like a very special trip- I am sorry I missed it.