Monday, November 24, 2008

Pow Wow

Native Americans from Melanie Holtsman on Vimeo.


Michelle Ellis said...

Wow Melanie! Again your video is so special. I love the way you captured the heart of our day. If anyone is interested in having their own copy of Pow Wow, please let us know.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this video was when my Mom got to say her favorite thing that she is thankful for. She is thankful for her family. That means she is thankful for ME!

I also loved getting to pick my favorite part of the Pow Wow in the survey on the blog. My favorite part of the Pow Wow was hunting outside! I like school!


Virata Family said...

Awesome video!!!! Thank You for putting that together.

Melanie Holtsman said...

So glad to do it and thanks for letting me share a little of the most special day and precious memory for my little ones. They loved everything about it - thanks for all of your hard work!

Sharon Snow said...

We really liked watching the video, especially since my Daddy and my brother couldn't be there.

Meli Launey said...

I loved watching the video. I felt like I was there! The children learned so much about their tribes by acting out the dances, singing, and creating authentic clothing. This is the best Pow Wow I have ever seen! What a lucky group of students to be able to experience all of this!