Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day

Today we had so much fun discussing the election. We talked about the job of President. We introduced each candidate Obama and McCain to the students. We also had a discussion on how important it is to vote. After teaching the students how to choose only one candidate by filling in the bubble, the students went to the polling booth and place their vote. Afterward, they placed their paper in our bucket and received a sticker for voting today. Once all votes were placed we tallied the votes together. It was a great opportunity to teach the students on how to use tally marks to count higher numbers. We also discussed the way we group tally marks, four up and down and one diagonal. When we finished counting our votes the winner was McCain. We can't wait to see if our vote holds up to the actual winner. Please discuss this process with your child and tell them when they wake up who the winner is.


Melanie Holtsman said...

My kids would not stop talking about this when they went home! Anytime they heard an adult say something about voting they said,
"We voted too!" They even think they have already decided the winner in class - looks like they may get disappointed.

Thanks for making the election real for them - they loved it!

Anonymous said...

Ashley was very excited to have voted. Her "I voted" sticker stayed on her shirt until bedtime. What a great social studies hands-on lesson.