Monday, January 5, 2009

Seven Things You Don't Need to Know About Mrs. Ellis

Suzanne Shall tagged me for the Seven Things You Don't Need to Know About Me meme by Anne Oro and Bill Genereux . This is a blog post I have enjoyed reading on the blogs I follow. There have been many things I have learned about the women I work with. I hope to share with you a little part of myself.

1. I lived in seven different places growing up around the country. I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, then moved to Minneapolis Minnesota, Phoenix Arizona, Louisville Kentucky, Miami Florida, Lafayette Louisiana then finally Jacksonville Florida. My father was a computer consultant.

2. My husband flew first the F-16 then the F-15 with the Florida Air National Guard for 13 years prior to flying for Fed-Ex.

3. My first job was at Penny Patch, a vegetable stand at the beach when I was 16. Since then before I started to teach I worked at 2 different surf shops, was a very bad waitress at three different restaurants, opened mail at Prudential, checking groceries at Publix, secretary for 2 different building companies, a nanny and data entry.

4. I grew up singing, dancing and acting in musicals. I have played the lead roles in Grease and Oklahoma.

5. Up until this year when my children entered 8th and 6th grade, I fed them breakfast in bed every morning before school. I felt it started their day out in a relaxing and happy way.

6. My brother, sister and I had to do "chores" every morning before school growing up. One of us cleaned the bathrooms, one vacuumed the whole house and the last one did the dishes. To this day, I HATE to clean house.

7. I am the biggest klutz. I am always bumping into things. I drop things all the time. I cut corners on the wall too close and hit my shoulder on them. I have no idea how I can wear high heels everyday to work.

I now tag the following people to share seven things.
Laurie Thomson
Julia Lewis


Suzanne said...

I had no idea you lived in so many different places. Sounds fun to me! And, your children are VERY lucky to have had breakfast in bed every! That is certainly a very different way than you started your day. Maybe someday they will pay it forward. :)

Williams Family said...

I like the chores in the morning idea...Unfortunately my kids have taken after me and we don't function well in the morning.