Monday, January 5, 2009

Wordle Meme

Wordle: CE

Over the holidays our friend and principal, Susan Phillips, tagged us by means of a meme to try creating a Wordle. Yeah, we didn't know what a meme was either - still not real sure we understand it - but it's kinda like a chain letter with questions. A Wordle is like a collection of important words from a blog or piece of text - what seems to be most prevalent in your writing - and it's cool!

Here is how to create your own:Wordle Meme:

1. Create a Wordle from your blog's RSS feed.

2. Blog it and describe your reaction. Any surprises?

3. Tag others to do the same.

4. Be sure to link back here and to where you were first tagged.

5. Create different Wordle clouds of your blog's RSS over a period of time. Do it once a month for the next year to capture the spiritof the times.

We were surprised that the word bead is so big. But I am sure it goes with the rekenrek since the rekenrek is made of beads. And everyone knows that Mrs. Ellis loves the rekenrek. It was also fun to see the word students highlighted. Our blog does focus on how to help the students and parents, so this was not a surprise.

As the meme mandates we are tagging the following to try it out!

1. Laurie Thomson and Julia Lewis

2. Rachel Bridges

3. Julie Johnson and Rachel Happ

4. Nina Thomas and Laura Stewart

5. Beth Stresen-Reuter

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