Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3-D Shapes

Geoblocks are a special set of three-dimensional wooden blocks. There are five kinds of shapes in a Geoblock set. Rectangular Prisms, Square Prisms, Cubes, Triangular Prisms and Pyramids are the three-dimensional shapes the set includes. One reason we use Geoblocks in Kindergarten is that it is important for students to work with three-dimensional materials and see the relationship between three- and two- dimensional shapes. Most kindergartners love to build with these blocks; they build towers, towns, roads, ramps, bridges, and many other things. During this building time, they intuitively learn many characteristics of the blocks. During Math Workshop, the students were encouraged and challenged to build with Geoblocks. Look at the amazing designs they came up with.


Sharon Snow said...

I like playing with these and I like that we can do whatever we want with them.

janet bailey said...

Cole loves working with the blocks and building and learning about his 3-d shapes. he said "I LOVE THOSE BLOCKS MOM THEY ARE THE BEST!!"