Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

What a fun day! It started with the students bringing in their traps. They were so creative. We had an exciting morning making Leprechauns and rainbows. The students even had a chance to try some harder math activities for fun and they graphed Lucky Charms. At lunch time we set our traps and hoped to catch a pesky Leprechaun. When we returned from lunch we discovered that no one caught one but our room was a mess. They over turned shelves and the rocking chair. They threw paper everywhere. They even used our restroom with out flushing the toilet. Yuk! They did leave us gold chocolate coins. Later when Mrs. Ellis was reading a book we spotted the Leprechaun outside our window. With all of our yelling, I think we scared him away. By the end of the day we were tired yet excited about our St. Patrick's Day.

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janet bailey said...

Cole really had a great day today. He told me all about the tricks the leprechan played on your class and the silly things he did. He loved all the crafts he made and said"this was his greatest st.patrick's day ever!". thanks