Thursday, April 16, 2009

Text to Text Connections in English and Japanese

During our Eric Carle author study, our class was reading the story Where Are You Going? To See My Friend! when we noticed that the book had both English and Japanese text. We told the class that we could not read in Japanese so we weren't sure of what the text said, but we thought it was the same story that Eric Carle wrote about. "A" raised her hand and said, "I can read that story to you.". We were very excited and we allowed her to read it to the class. After that encounter we soon discovered how fluent in both languages "A" could read. Our Standards-Based Bulletin board this month shows the amazing journey she has made to become literate in two languages. Below is a recording of her reading another story by Eric Carle and a similar story she found in Japanese. The story is Walter the Baker. She brought in her Japanese story the next day to share with the class because she said the stories were very similar.


Sharon Snow said...

Way to go A! You are so lucky to be able to read and undertand 2 languages!

I18Now said...

Miss "A" you read so well. We are very proud of you. We know you always try your hardest. Keep up the good work.

A's mom and dad.

Suzanne said...

I am so impressed with this standards-based bulletin board and A's growth over the year in both languages! Thanks for sharing and tell A to keep up the outstanding work!