Sunday, October 12, 2008

Compare Card Game

This past week the students learned a new card game called Compare. If you have ever played the game of War, then you already know how to play Compare. The students played with a partner. They learned how to shuffle the cards then pass them out to each other. One for you, one for me is the saying that helps with this process. It is not quick but they are learning how to deal. Once all the cards have been passed out, then the students keep their pile face down in a neat stack. Each student flips over one card. Each student has to call out their number, then together they have to decide which number is higher. The person with the highest number gets to keep the cards in a separate pile.

They continue to play until their original stack of cards has been finished. If both students flip the same card, then they flip one more to see who gets all the cards. There are no winners, so there are no losers. We encourage you to play this game with your child at home. Just use a normal set of cards, taking out the face cards. If your child is advanced and is not challenged with flipping over one card, then each of you can flip two cards and add them together to see which set of cards is higher.

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