Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fieldtrip to MOSH

We kicked off our study of planets by going on a fieldtrip to the MOSH to see the planetarium. We had a fabulous trip. We began the morning by touring the MOSH. We saw an interesting exhibit about human bodies, we saw fish, we saw dinosaur bones, as well as live animals like owls. When we went into the planetarium were amazing by the shape of the room. The students had fun looking at the round ceiling. The instructor was so informative. He explained how Earth is rotating at a speed around 1000 miles per hour. However, we don't feel this movement. He said it is like riding in a school bus. As we travel down the road we don't feel like we are going 60mph because we are sitting on the bus. However, we are traveling in the bus that is going 60mph, so we must be going the same speed. The Earth is spinning fast but because we are on the planet we don't feel it.

During the show we saw what the night sky looks like, and learned about some of the constellations. We learned so many new things about space. It was a great way to begin our study on planets.

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Jackie Williams said...

This was so fun! BT says his favorite part was the grossology exhibit. He like playing with the poop! Gotta love those boys!