Thursday, January 28, 2010

Starry, Starry Family Night

Throughout our study of the Solar System, we have been learning some pretty amazing things about the stars and planets. This year, first grade has been shooting for the stars and incorporated unforgettable learning activities for the students. On Tuesday night, we celebrated our Starry, Starry Family Night with a dinner, some space snacks, and a movie under the stars!

We were so fortunate to have Mr. Ted and Miss Letty (who are real Astronomers!!) come to our school and share their knowledge and give us a front row view of the moon through a giant telescope! Our class made a book for Mr. Ted and Miss Letty thanking them for a family night we will never forget! :)

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Stacey Virata said...

Glad you guys are back on the blog-love reading what is going on!!! The Family NIght was great and so was the sleepover!!!