Thursday, January 28, 2010

Science Mystery Beads?!

Science was a hit this week! We took a look at some mystery beads in our science lab and used lab sheets to record our data. The beads looked like regular white beads when we were inside the classroom.

To our surprise, the beads changed color once we walked outside!! Our class determined (after testing different factors such as wind, heat, and moisture) that these mystery beads changed color because of the UV rays in the sun! Our discussion then led to different ways the sun can help the earth and how to protect our bodies from the harmful UV rays. Our friends had some wonderful questions, connections, and just plain fun!

So many friends are wondering where they can get some of these UV Beads... Check out the link below :)


Anonymous said...

Those are cool beads. I did not know they would do that!

Jackie Williams said...

What a great experiment!! And a great way to discuss how harmful the sun can be for us and WHY we have to put on sunblock!!