Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Empty Room

Today should have been the third day of school but Tropical Storm Fay had other plans for us. Tomorrow school is canceled again. We are hoping to be back at school on Friday. It will almost be like starting over with the students. We will need to reteach all of the rituals and routines we have taught so far. We hope all of our students and families stay safe and dry.
If your child is bored and looking for something to do you can always read with your child. We talked about the "T" on Tuesday so as you are reading have your child point out any "t's" they find on the page. Also review the sound that "t" makes.


Mrs. Lauren Skipper said...

Chase wanted to "play school" today. Of course, he was the teacher and I had to be the student. He was quick to instruct me on Readers and Writers Workshop. He did add a twist of his own and we had "Builders Workshop" as well(Lego time!)

Jennifer Crane said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I really look forward to reading about the day. I love to show Nick the pictures and have him add his own stories of the day. You both are wonderful teachers and I feel so thankful to have Nick in your class. We hope to see you tomorrow:)