Monday, August 25, 2008

The "Rekenrek"

The boys and girls were introduced to a vauable tool in Math Workshop today. It is called a "Rekenrek". A rack of beads make up the rekenrek. The tool is designed to help students make visual images for counting. This will help the students count and represnt quantities, add and subtract numbers, and build their overall "Number Sense". As the boys and girls were introduced to the rekenrek they were asked what they noticed about the tool.

Bryce said, "There are red and white beads".

Courtney said, "I see ten beads on each row and there are ten rows".

Jack said, "There are 100 beads". Mrs. Ellis asked, "Tell me how you know". Jack replied, "Because 10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10+10 is 100".

This was the first time the students have seen our friend the "Rekenrek", but it will not be the last.


Ted said...

Do you have any other lessons that you have developed using the 100 rekenrek?

Michelle Ellis said...

Hi Ted,
Yes, I have a video from last year where I taught a lesson to my 1st grade class. You can join our "Ning" at This is a place where teachers share ideas. There are many members from around the world that share videos, pictures and ideas. You can also email me and we can send you more info. Also stay tuned to future posts, we use the rekenrek every day with our calendar and often during our math workshop.