Friday, August 29, 2008

7th Day of School

One of the daily rituals in our room is Every Day Counts Calendar Math. During that time we talk about the typical calendar (the day, month, year, weekends, holidays). We also count how many days we have been in school. Today was day 7. While counting we discover patterns in numbers, counting by five's and ten's, more/less, and the movement through time. This is a vital portion of our Math Workshop.

We are also beginning our math diagnostic test. This test covers all basic math skills. It is given one on one with each student. They will be asked to count, order and write numbers. We are also looking to see if anyone has a basic sense of addition and subtraction.

During our work period for Math Workshop we have been exploring patterns. We have discovered that patterns are found everywhere. The students have been busy making patterns out of cubes, bears, and through movement. This weekend have your child find something around the house that has a pattern.


Melanie Holtsman said...

We have family visiting from out of town this weekend and my kids have been telling them all about kindergarten. Today, someone asked me how long school has been in session. I responded, about a week. My daughter chimed in, "Mommy! We've had seven days of school." So - she must be listening! :)

Mrs. Lauren Skipper said...

We LOVE the blog!!! Keep on posting! The Skippers

linda said...

Thanks for keeping such current and informative blogs! Love them.
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