Monday, September 1, 2008


It is time for the students to bring home their Book-in-a-Bag. The book will be in a Ziplock Bag with your child's name on it. Children will choose one book from a library of books in our classroom to take home each night. As part of their homework you and your child will be responsible for reading the book together each night. The boys and girls will be responsible for bringing the book-in-a-bag to class each day so that they may return it and choose a new one. It is very important for the children to practice the book-in-a-bag ritual each and every day. At this time most of the books will need to be read to your child. Eventually the book will be leveled to match your child's ability. The most important thing right now is for your child to get into the habit of reading the book, putting it back into the ziplock bag, bringing it to school the next day to choose a new one, and starting the routine all over again. We will introduce the Book-in-a-Bag to the students during Reader's Workshop on Tuesday. Please help us by talking to your child about this important routine that good readers practice. Happy Reading!!


Anonymous said...

Jack will be very excited to start this ritual today. He loves books! Thank you for explaining this ritual to parents so that we will know how to support you at home.

Anonymous said...

Ashley was very excited to get her book-in-a-bag. So excited, that we read it while we waited for Nathan to be dismissed! I'm sure we'll read it again a few times tonight!