Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Support

How can you help support us at home? The most important thing you can do is look at the blue home-school connection folder each night. You will need to look inside on the left side for any papers that are going home. For example, tonight you should have seen our newsletter and an ordering form for t-shirts. You should also glance on the right side encase there is a note from us. Next, you will turn to the back to look at the calendar. Please make sure you initial the date box after you have seen it. It is important to show your child that you care how their day went. Say a quick "Good Job" if they have a stamp.

If your child earned a card pulled, you need to read about the offense and have a conversation with your child. If this was the first day they had a card pulled, I would just remind them to follow the class rules and do better the next day. If your child has had a few cards pulled, the conversation needs to be more serious. The student needs to realize that making bad choices of not listening or following directions is unacceptable. If they have had a few cards pulled it might be time to take away something they treasure (XBOX, favorite toy, TV watching, dessert). You will want to find something they really like. If they cry when you take it away, you have probably found the perfect item. Remember you want to encourage the behavior not to come back. You will find if you support the cards being pulled at home, then very quickly your child will realize how important school is and their behavior will improve. Right now we are excited because we do not have anyone in this position :)

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