Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Literacy Stations

Today was an exciting day in Reader's Workshop because the students went to Literacy Stations for the first time. In our classroom, Literacy Stations are really small libraries. We have a total of 6 in our room. They are Gene Library, Math Library, Series Library, Book of the Month Library, Science Library, and Author Library.

Each day each table will be assigned a library to visit. While in that library they choose a book and sit on the floor to read. They are not sharing books at this time. They are looking at pictures, practicing the reading strategies, looking for words they know and just enjoying the books.

They stay in their area for about 15 minutes at this time. As the year progresses the time will increase. Once the students have learned this new ritual and routine, Mrs. Cothern and I will begin to pull small groups or having reading conferences. Because we are both engaged in small groups with students it is very important that each child knows exactly what their expectations are for their Literacy Stations.


Mrs. Levien said...

Hi Michelle,

Today was day # 5 for us. I introduced centers yesterday and we worked in two large groups today. I am going to introduce your blog to the class later this week. Today I added a slide show to my blog. It took quite a while but my 15 yr old son was able to help me. Boy did a feel inadequate, but just for a minute. It was good for him to help mom for a change.

I think getting to know each other will be fun. Have a good day tomorrow!

Donna Levien :)

Anonymous said...

i like reading in the genre libraries.

Melanie Holtsman said...

So fun to see them doing their independent reading. My son had already explained to me he has "his own reading spot where he STAYS".

Book in a bag is helping me stay focused on nightly reading when the evenings are hectic, so thanks for taking the time to make sure they are bringing home new books!

jwilliams0909 said...

I love the pictures of the kids in the centers. You guys are doing wonderfull with the blog!

linda said...

Love the blogs....whenever I review the blog out loud with Grace she asks "how did you know we did that?"