Monday, September 8, 2008

Vocabulary - Caps For Sale

Today we began looking at certain words from Caps For Sale which is one of our "Star Books". We picked out two words that the students may not understand. The first word was disturb then ordinary. The students learned that disturb means to mess up and ordinary means normal. After brainstorming different examples, the students had a chance to draw a picture of each word. They could choose any example they understood. In our room we have a picture of jugs of milk that have been spilled for the word disturb.
For ordinary there is a picture of a normal farm with red buildings. To help your child learn and understand these new words keep an eye and ear out for them in books you read, conversations you have, or signs you see around the community. The more the students use the word, the quicker they will learn the meaning.

Stay tuned for more vocabulary words.

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dayle timmons said...

Drawing pictures of the words has been a favorite vocabulary activity. This sounds like an incredible bulletin board down the road!