Thursday, September 25, 2008

Progress Reports

Tomorrow you will receive your child's first progress report. For some of you it may be your first progress report you have seen since you were in school. When looking at your child's report, please realize your child does not understand what that form means. This information is for adults. That does not mean you can't make a plan with your child on what they will work on from the list. However, they have no understanding of grades.
If your child does not know most of the letter names the first place to start is to pick 5 letters to start with. Usually we recommend the letters in their name. If you choose to use flashcards make sure they do not have a picture on them. Also have the upper and lowercase letters on separate cards. If they need to learn most of the letters and you try to teach them all at once they will become overwhelmed. As you teach the letter names also teach the letter sounds. For the vowels, teach the short sound at this time.
The same idea works for the numbers. If they have most of the numbers from 1-30 to learn start with 1-10, then 11-20, and finally 21-30. They need to recognize the numbers and also be able to count objects that match the number. They should also work on putting the numbers in order.
If your child does not have satisfactory behavior you need to make a plan now to help your child improve their behavior. There should be consequences both positive and negative depending their daily choices.
Next week we will begin to set up conferences with anyone who would like one. Please keep an eye out for the form that will go home next week.


Melanie Holtsman said...

Thanks for explaining in advance. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do or how hard to push them. These are great guidelines. Thanks again. :)

Williams Family said...

I agree with Mrs. Holtsman. That was great advise. I can't wait to see what and how BT is doing! By the way great job with open house.

Brandon's mom

Angela Phillips said...

Ms. Cothern and Ms. Ellis,

I love how your blog is so geared toward helping the parents of your students support what you are doing in class at home. The specific information, advice, and examples that you offer in all of your posts make it so easy for parents to connect with your goals and emphases so that we can support your work and help our children reach their potentials. I look forward to learning more!

Thank you,
(Jack's Mom)