Sunday, September 28, 2008

Standard-Based Bulletin Boards- Math Choice Time

One of the powerful components of our school are the Standard-Based Bulletin Boards. As teachers we compose a new board each month. We try to highlight a piece of our work from our room. We encourage teachers, parents and even students to read about our work. When you came to open house our first board was up and ready to read. Our board was about Math Choice Time.

You will notice that the math standards are always listed on the board. We also post the task to explain what the students were asked to accomplish. We try to include four pieces of student work with commentary explaining each child's work.

Math Choice Time is an integral part of our Math Workshop. During Choice Time all of the games we have taught during our work period are available for the students to play again. Sometimes we as teachers choose the first game each student plays if we need to check for mastery of a skill, and sometimes the students get to choose the first game. Math Choice time allows us to circulate around the room, ask questions and take students to the next level of understanding. We incorporate Math Choice Time into our schedule as least twice a week.

One activity the students had the opportunity to complete was Color the Border. They were able to choose two or three colors to complete the border in a pattern they made up.

Another activity was Staircases. The students had to copy the pattern of cube towers and then extend the pattern one step. Then work their way back down.

The third activity was called 12 Chips. The students were given 12 chips that were red on one side and yellow on the other. They were able to make any pattern using the chips then transfer that pattern onto the paper by coloring the circles.

The last activity was Break the Train. The students were given a completed pattern tower(train). They first had to copy the tower, then break it into pieces by units(cars).

If you did not get a chance during Open House to read the board, we would like to invite you to come at anytime to see it. It will stay up until the middle of October.


linda said...

Thanks for posting! We had only a brief look at the board at Open House. Grace is very excited to have her work posted on the board and we are very proud of her work!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like your class is working hard in Math. Great job!
Sharon (Ashley's mom)