Monday, September 15, 2008

Number Sense

For the past few days we have been using both our individual numbers lines and our rekenrek. Using a number line at home is a great way for your children to learn how to recognize and order the numbers. They are simple to make. You can use paper, adding tape, masking tape, a chalkboard or even the dirt in the yard. In class the students first learn how to count each number and move their finger in the right direction touching the numbers. Next we practice hopping. We tell them to start at 0 and hop two hops, now where is your finger? Then hop 4 more hops, where is your finger? We also practice hopping backwards.

We also worked on making "mental images" using the rekenrek. The beads on the rekenrek were hidden from view. We pushed over four beads.

Then we flashed the beads to the class. They had to draw exactly what was shown. They did not have time to count the beads. They had to notice that all but one red bead was used or the could have noticed that 6 beads were left on the other side. They get one more chance to double check their image before counting them as a class. The images got more difficult as we worked. Below are a couple of student examples.


Suzanne said...

I love that you are teaching number lines and using the rekenrek in Kindergarten. Doing this is certain to help students build number sense, and building number sense will allow them to soar as they get into more difficult mathematics. Thanks for sharing--I love to see the student's work!

linda said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm excited to see that the children are learning the beginning fundamentals for mathematics.....number sense and patterns.

Melanie Holtsman said...

What a cool tool to teach number sense! I loved seeing the parts of the lesson and student work. My kids love working with the rekenrek.