Monday, August 25, 2008

Hooray for School

Finally we are back at school. We quickly jumped back into our routines and got busy learning new ones. One interesting tool we used today was the document camera. During the closing meeting of our Writer's Workshop we shared every paper one at a time with the camera. It shows the students work on the screen using the projector. The students shared with their classmates what they loved about school. Some students began to write by writing beginning letters in words they knew. For example, if they loved books they would write " i l b " which would stand for I love books.

As we begin to learn new routines, there is a new routine for parents to learn. Each Monday afternoon our class newsletter and Mrs. Phillips Connection goes home on a yellow piece of paper. You should have found it in your child's Home School Folder. Please make sure you read it weekly. If you can not find yours you can always click on the word newsletter in this blog to read it.

Also our first homework assignment was sent home. The students are to completely fill up the cardstock sheet of paper with pictures of themselves and family members. They can cut out pictures from magazines or use stickers. The paper will be used during Writer's Workshop. Please put as many pictures as possible on both sides. The cardstock is due by Friday.

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